Reduces Sagging And Uneven Skin

RevSkin is a cream meant to help the user make skin more youthful and beautiful. This product integrates important elements that are claimed to protect the skin from different age spots. As seen from the name, this cream promises to revive your skin and make it smoother, softer, and more luminous. Moreover, the manufacturer claims that your skin will be free from fine lines and wrinkles. This anti-aging skincare product reduces sagging and uneven skin, firms its structure, and improves the tone.

The product is said to possess rebuilding and rejuvenating properties. There is no documented evidence that RevSkin is clinically tested and proven to be effective. This cream is specifically made to help you due to the use of safe ingredients, but this is nothing more. It is said not to contain harsh chemicals and other harmful substances. RevSkin is manufactured by Revyve Company in Lewisville, TX, and Forney, TX in the US. The company offers some other products which are meant to improve the quality of life of their users. The official website leaves much to be desired because it contains too little information of the components of the true botanicals products, as well as other vital information: true botanicals.

The active mechanisms of functioning of RevSkin are unknown to the fullest. The manufacturer claims that the product replenishes the production of elastin and collagen in the dermal skin layer. But it is not known how it does this. It is mentioned to use QuSome Liposome Delivery, some technology due to which the active ingredients get into the dermal layer and stimulate the collagen and elastin. As soon as the molecules of the formula reach the deep layer of the skin, they fill in the spaces where your skin is sagging. Then the cream stimulates collagen and elastin to firm your skin. You are expected to notice the results fairly quickly. But at the same time, you are recommended to use the product as long as possible. When using RevSkin, it is important to stick to a proper skincare routine. In this way, you can preserve the functioning of the product to have long-lasting results.

One of the major ingredients in the cream is Glycerin which is responsible for proper hydration of skin. It also helps to treat skin infections, prevent itchy, rough, dry, scaly, skin as well as minor skin irritations. RevSkin also contains Peptides. These substances are used to improve collagen production but its functioning is too weak. Another important ingredient is Aloe Vera which is used to prevent the occurrence of aging signs, to soothe your skin, decrease the damage from UV rays. Carbomer is another component known for its ability to keep water in your skin. Xanthan Gum is added to the cream in order to help the users to nourish their skin and to repair damaged cells. The only drawback of this component is that it is badly studied and you never know what effects to expect from it.

Vitamin C is an important substance for the health of the human skin. It helps to boost collagen levels and to decrease aging signs. The problem is that the manufacturer doesn't list the amount of Vitamin C in RevSkin. Ginseng Root Extract possesses antioxidant properties and replenishes your skin, but its functioning is not properly studied. Other ingredients in the cream include Mineral oil, Squalene, Trideceth-6 Glycerol Stearate, linden tree, Hydrolyzed Wheat, and Cetyl Alcohol. As you can see, some of the ingredients are chemical, which means that they may carry potential dangers for your health.

The manufacturer of RevSkin doesn't meantion anything about possible side effects and allergic reactions in association with the use of this product. There is lack of information about the dosages of different ingredients. It means that some of them may be used in too small amounts, while others may be dangerous due to high dosages.

The most common side effects of this product may include burning, redness, stinging, and irritation. If you experience any of these effects for more than five days, you should see a doctor. The symptoms of serious side effects include unusual changes in the skin and signs of skin infection. Few people may suffer from a very serious allergic reaction that is known for such symptoms as itching, severe dizziness, rash, swelling, trouble breathing. You are not protected from other side effects not listed in this review. Store RevSkin in a cool, dry place away from children. Let us see what other people say about this cream.

"I saw the ad of RevSkin online and decided to order the $1.00 sample. I was charged $1.99 plus $6.95. But in two weeks, I was charged $89.95. I tried to contact the company to cancel the order but I received no response."

"It seems that I was scammed. I bought RevSkin two weeks ago but I am not satisfied with the product at all. I made a phone call to cancel the enrollment program but was ignored. I will never order similar products online."

"I wanted to buy a worthy face and eye cream online and stopped my choice on RevSkin. I ordered it for $6.95. I received the cream, tried it but it did not work for me. But the following month my credit card was charged additional $89.95. I am in despair and don't know what to do."

To order the cream, you will need to go to the brand's website and order a trial product for $6.95. Then you will automatically be enrolled into a monthly program. You are expected to get a new one-month supply for the full cost of the product ($89.95).

I cannot recommend RevSkin to usage because it has many disadvantages. There are certain limitations of people who can use it. These are only women above 30 years of age. Very little is known about the manufacturer. There are no details on the ingredients of the product. If you are looking for an effective, and high-quality anti-age skincare product, you should pay attention to those offered by reliable and reputable companies.