Your Testosterone Level

TestL claims to be an effective all-natural booster of your testosterone level. The supplement can be found only online that is one of its disadvantages. What are you going to get taking TestL? Some of the advantages it claims to have are the following: increasing your lean muscle mass, increasing and supporting your testosterone level and boosting your sexual energy.

There are a lot of similar supplements on the market and they promise the same things. So this review aims to discover whether TestL that has been produced by JT Hantian LLC located in Arizona is really so efficient?

Let's look what TestL can offer us. What benefits does it have according to the list of ingredients? There are not so many ingredients and it won't be difficult to make a research whether they are able to have such great results or it is just a scam as many other supplements.

First of all, you can find the full list of ingredients at the official site of the TestL's manufacturer and this is a good sign because not all companies reveal the inside of their supplements' bottles. But do all these ingredients really boost your testosterone level have the power to change your sexual life completely? Here we are going to find the answers to all these tricky questions. There is a list of ingredients that is provided with the official producer. And now we will investigate whether they are able to work as it was claimed by the producer of TestL.

The first ingredient we have looked at is L-Arginine. Is it able to increase the testosterone level? There is no evidence that this ingredient can affect this hormone, it doesn't influence the level of any hormones at all. It was proved by the study published in the 2004 Journal of Endocrinology which included giving mice dietary supplements which contained L-Arginine. The experiment was being held during 20 days. By the end of this period the study showed that the male mice had got "a marked decrease in body and renal weights". However, the female mice's weight didn't change at all. The decrease in weight was associated with the muscle mass' loss which was bad.

So you can ask the question why L-Arginine is so common ingredient in many such famous testosterone supplements like TestL and other similar products? The answer will be is that L-Arginine is usually used to treat erectile dysfunction. You can often see the combination of glutamate and yohimbine with L-Arginine but TestL doesn't contain these ingredients which can enhance the effect of L-Arginine working together.

L-Arginine can work as a supplement which helps with the erectile dysfunction and act as a booster of a nitrate oxide, which makes it easier to have an erection thanks to widening your blood vessels. In fact, this chemical never raises your level of testosterone. Moreover, there are many reasons why you shouldn't use the supplements with this ingredient. It has less benefits than side effects. Here there is a long list of most common negative effects: nausea, diarrhea, bloating, hives, rash, fatigue, weakness, increased inflammatory response.

The second ingredient which we are going to look at in TestL is L-Citrulline. Like the previous one, L-Citrulline can usually be found in supplements which claim to be effective for your erectile dysfunction. According to the scientists this ingredient can't be as efficient as Viagra for example. However, it can have a slight effect.

It is not proved and supported by any medical research that L-Citrulline is able to raise the level of testosterone or have any effect on other hormones as well.

The next ingredient in our list is dipotassium phosphate. However, it is commonly used as a non-coagulant which aim is to help the other ingredients be active.

Finally, we can see that there are only two active ingredients in TestL. Unfortunately, both of them can't be characterized as being effective for higher testosterone levels. Moreover, they can't influence not only this exact hormone but any other hormone as well. You can understand this from the research which has been described above.

There are some definite side effects that can prevent you from taking this supplement. One more disadvantage of this supplement is its price which is higher than average price for similar products, especially for the one that doesn't have 100 % guarantee to work as it was claimed.

"I have bought TestL because I am 45 and I found out that my testosterone level starts to decrease each year after the age of 30. I wanted to get rid of my problems in personal life with the help of TestL but after intake of this supplement nothing changed and I didn't get any results. I can't recommend this product!"

"As for me TestL worked for the first week ot two..Then I felt no effect. It was slight effect which was temporary. Maybe it will work for you but I am not going to pay for this supplement any more again because the price is really high and it is not worth this sum of money!"

"Be alert if you experience severe allergic reaction to one of the ingredients of TestL because I had an allergy and other side effects as nausea and vomiting which made me stop taking it. You can try it but it is better to consult your doctor before taking a risk to have any of possible negative influence of this supplement"

TestL can be ordered only at the manufacturer's official website. The site offers you to accept their "risk-free trial". However, you will find out that it isn't as risk-free and cheap as the producer claim. According to the instruction you should take two capsules daily and pay $89.99 a bottle which contains 60 TestL capsules which will be enough for one full month only. Then you will get your orders automatically until you don't refuse to get the supplement.

To make the long story short, it must be said that TestL isn't worth spending your time and money.

TestL claims to be a powerful booster of the testosterone level but in reality the study showed that both active ingredients of this supplement can't demonstrate the claimed properties. They can make you think that your hormone level has been increased because of their ability to dilate the blood vessels which in their turn are responsible for maintaining an erection. But this is only a trick which has nothing to do with your testosterone level. You can feel an erection suddenly being in gym for example which can't be an advantage. So we can make a conclusion that a supplement which costs 100$ must work much better than TestL does.